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Customer Experience Project Specialist


As a CX Project Specialist, you will be the brain of the company responsible for managing project initiatives to revamp Zurich’s customer journey across various touchpoints, products, and channels. We need you to have a strong, bold, creative, process re-engineering mindset, yet grounded, diplomatic, realistic, and pragmatic enough to push whatever is possible within any potential constraints and navigate around potential resistance. You will be sitting within a new team called “Change & Execution” which transforms happen in the Zurich Hong Kong Business. The team will also act as special ambassadors and set an example of being “customer-centric” for the Zurich firm.

Job Responsibilities

CX Long-term Initiatives - Deliverable

  • Leverage CX experience, and craft CX deliverables with solid rationale. Example projects include. Revamp existing customer communication documents with an uplifted Tone of Voice
  • Contribute thoughts on revamping existing TNPS mechanism – E.g. How to improve the current mechanism for “close-the-loop”, TNPS survey, and driver questions, to get a higher response rate and more positive results
  • Contribute thoughts on how to improve the customer journey across 7x CX touchpoints – work with CX designer on reviewing CoM of Customer Journey, contribute thoughts on how to resolve pain points, and co-propose ToM


CX Long-term Initiatives – Project Driving 


  • Participate in CX-related transformation projects and assist in the full project cycle from project planning to implementation and post-implementation support. Occasionally, support Operational-Excellence-related transformation projects as well
  • Work under minimal instruction. Comfortable working under uncertainty - driving projects with no historical reference / definite right ways of doing
  • Conduct project planning of initiatives -- workouts problem statement, why this project, approach, scope & prioritization, timeline, R&R, deliverable of key stakeholders
  • Refine project planning by communicating with key stakeholders
  • Work on deliverables and actively particulate in hands-on groundwork
  • Follow-up with key stakeholders, driving them to do their part in a proactive manner


CX Short-term Actions – Follow-Up 

  • After the monthly CX Forum, stock-take action items, and follow up with key holders
  • Regularly, figure out the next steps and actions required. Informally chase stakeholders before the monthly CX Forum



CX KPI Monitoring & Reporting

  • At any point in time, be on top of CX KPI – incl. key promotor/detractor case theme, using vendor and Zurich internal text analytics and TNPS dashboard
  • Contribute thoughts on how to uplift the current reporting – what view needs to be developed
  • Analyze CX KPI, observe trends, analyze root cause, and summarize into a CX TNPS report for each monthly CX forum



  • Support legacy administrative manual workaround. Suggest how the process can be streamlined


Job Requirements

  • Degree in related disciplines
  • 1-2 year experience Data analyst or business analyst in the insurance industry preferably participated in robotics, system implementation, or process improvement projects.
  • Genuine interest in CX and human-centric design topic
  • Solid exposure CX touchpoints (Helpdesk, Claims, Renewal, Endorsement, Acquisition, etc.) process flow is preferred, especially in the insurance context 
  • Solid experience in transformation/process re-engineering initiatives as project manager/coordinator
  • Energy to drive changes. Positive working vibes. Ability to maintain positive working relationships w/ touchpoint owners and flexibly work under constraint.
  • Strong in project execution. Strong hands-on nature and produce quick outputs on an ad-hoc basis
  • Strong project management mindset. Structured, organized, and on top of progress. Strong in coming up with project next steps
  • Strong report skill  
  • Pro-active learning attitude, to pick up Medallia customization reporting 
  • Fluent in Cantonese and English both written and verbally
  • Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving skills such as SQL, Data Visualization skills (Power BI) are a definite advantage 
  • Business Analyst experience / Agile experience in a Digital context is preferred but not a must.


Why Zurich


At Zurich, we like to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. We take an optimistic approach by focusing on the positives and constantly asking What can go right? 

We are an equal opportunity employer who knows that each employee is unique - that’s what makes our team so great! 
Join us as we constantly explore new ways to protect our customers and the planet.

  • Location(s):  HK - Hong Kong 

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