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Proposition Analyst


Job Summary

Proposition Development practitioner sitting in any functional area (including the Proposition Management and Development Function). Subject matter expert in that specific area e.g. underwriting, pricing, claims, marketing communications, legal, etc, who regularly engages in proposition development efforts to design or help design specific components of a proposition.

Job Accountabilities - Key Accountabilities


  • Under supervision of a Senior Proposition Manager.
  • Work with Proposition Managers and Proposition Specialists to collect ideas from all relevant sources and prioritize opportunities for proposition development.
  • Keep abreast of functional plans to improve services or capabilities impacting customer experience e.g. in claims handling, billing, policy admin etc; ensure that those improvements are designed with the customer in mind and create competitive advantage for Zurich; engage other areas (e.g. Sales, Market Research, Marketing Communications, Legal) in those efforts as required.
  • Contribute to the consolidation of proposition plans and development of the multi-year proposition pipeline. Coordinate or help coordinate cross-functional efforts to refresh, upgrade or transfer relatively simple propositions and launch them in the market.
  • Identify winning proposition features or underlying approaches to build those features, and leverage them across multiple geographies as applicable.
  • Apply, communicate and help to improve The Zurich Way of Proposition Development tools, processes, metrics and mind-sets.
  • Support Proposition Managers and Proposition Specialists in conducting post-launch proposition performance reviews and coordinating corrective actions if required.
  • Support senior colleagues in the development of new / complex propositions. Actively contributes to the “pipeline of ideas” for new or enhanced services to customers with competitive costs.
  • Drives or contributes to the execution of competitive analyses. Collaborates with Proposition Specialists in other areas of expertise t ensure the proposition is built in an integrated fashion to deliver superior customer experience.


Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, finance, economics, or a related field. Some positions may require a master's degree.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills to evaluate data, market trends, and customer behavior. 
  • Experience in conducting market research to identify opportunities, threats, and industry trends.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to convey complex ideas and proposals effectively.
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools and techniques to extract insights and make data-driven decisions.


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